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The Origin of the Chat ThreadEdit

Originally, on the Minecraft Forum, the Chat Threads started out as usermade and unofficial. They were known by their users as The Day Chat, or TDC, with each one having its own title (i.e., the name for it, rather than its number). Eventually, this early form of Chat Thread was banned, the final one locked by Ez. Most of the users from Off Topic migrated to an offshoot forum, TDC, which continues to remain active to the day, however not as much as when it initially opened.

Less than a year later, the Chat Threads were brought back officially, now called The Official Chat Thread, again with their own titles; however, a count of which edition it was was now included. This period lasted until March 2013, when the Chat Thread was finally closed.

The official replacement for the Chat Thread was MCFT, a Vanilla Board forum which served as an entire Off Topic section as well as a chat. Iinevitably, an another unofficial chat was created, this time in the form of a mass private message on the Minecraft Forum, by several of the earliest members of the Smart Alecks PM. After around 400 pages of this, Off Topic user Crenox heard about it and created yet another unofficial offshoot, the somewhat ironically named Official Chat. This and MCFT also continue to the day, albeit with wavering activity.

Minecraft Forum ThreadsEdit

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XVIII: Endition

XVII: Chatters D'Amour

XVI: Survivors of the Apocalypse

XV: Milk and Cookies

XIV: Unshaven

XIII: Halloween

XII: Go Away Joj/Twilight of Summer


X: Stare Into The Abyss

IX: Transit of Venus

VIII: Royal Soap Opera

VII: Cake and Dew

VI: Banhammer Special

(maybe) I: Infinity Chatinion

UNKNOWN: Apocalypse

MCFT ThreadsEdit

V3 (active one)

V2 (closed)

V1 (closed)

Official Chat ThreadsEdit

Mk2 (active one)

Original (closed)