Engie_ninja, known by everyone as engie, is a user of both the MCF and OC. He is very easy to recognize by his avatar, a picture of the Scrake from Killing Floor, and also his distinctive way of *describing physical actions like this.*

About Edit

Engie lives somewhere in New Zealand, but refuses to say exactly where. While he is secretive about his age, he has revealed himself to be roughly "11 years younger than [Phoenix]." One of the few things that he does reveal is his interest in video games, particularly ones which involve fighting.

One of the most bizarre things about engie is his strange opinion on what is wrong and what is right - for example, while he is heavily opposed to objectifying women, he has no qualms about encouraging suicide. It can be hard for him to understand when he has done something wrong, as engie cannot easily see things from the perspective of other people. He is trying to learn how to see other people as actual people, so hopefully that may change.

Occurance and Personality Edit

Engie mainly stays in the Forum Games section of the MCF, but sometimes takes the time to post in Off Topic, PPNS, or Games and Gaming sections. On OC, he remains almost entirely in the main chat thread. There is an obvious difference between a thread without engie active in it, and a thread with him active in it.

He can be interesting to hang around, due to his unique opinions and habits. Engie does often fail to communicate when something is bothering him, until he eventually flips out and unloads all of his feelings at once. Usually, this gets him banned on the MCF, and derails whatever conversation is happening on OC. As a result, some people dislike him for being disruptive.

Relationships with other users Edit

Whenever engie and Phoenix appear in the same place, the former will infallibly begin acting a lot more appropriately, falling into line behind the latter. This may be because he sees her as a "true friend" - someone who he can genuinely call a friend. Or his behavior could be explained by him having a (one-way) crush on her. Either way, he's better behaved around her.

Trivia Edit

- Engie appears to be asexual, with the exception of his love interest Phoenix.

- His favorite colours are black, red, cyan, and gold.

- He plays a variable list of games including Killing Floor, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, League of Legends, and a lot of forum games which involve teamwork.

- He is an atheist, but thankfully not one with very strong views.

- He intensely dislikes alcohol, drugs, homosexuality, objectifying women, and racism.

- His political stance is communist-anarchic.

- He appears to be desensitized about nearly everything most people find objectionable.